Friday, June 7, 2013


Dear Readers,

The school year and my time at Alexandria Country Day School (ACDS) has ended. I started this blog a year and a half ago to communicate examples of effective instructional strategies to our parents. Over time, through Google analytics, it became evident that the readers were not just our parents. We began to have hits to the blog from across the US and from around the world. I am guessing that the greater learning community of educators began to hear about the practices of our teachers through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

ACDS will have a new website this summer that will include the option to host blogs. As I am moving on to Washington International School (WIS), I am hoping that my replacement will start a blog at the new site as this will be the last post for the Innovative Practices at ACDS blog.

My transition to Washington International School means new learning opportunities for myself and the readers of Innovative Practices at ACDS, if you choose to follow me. The educators at Washington International School are known for their leadership in many areas of teaching and curriculum.

Here are a few:

I will soon be sharing about each of these topics via my Lessons Learned professional blog and the EdTech Co-Op podcast that I co-host with Dr. Mark Hofer of the College of William & Mary. Another topic that I often write and podcast about is the Information and Communications Literacies (ICL) combined library and instructional technology approach to "skilling" our students for an information rich world. Fortunately the instructional technologists and librarians of Washington International School have a strong ICL curriculum in place. It will be a wonderful opportunity for my professional growth to learn from my new teammates and to then share via my blog and podcast.

I would like to share my thanks to the ACDS teachers who shared their lessons with me and to you the readers for following this blog. I am very excited starting in September to be in the position to continue to share with you how fantastic teachers adapt and innovate their lessons to reach all their learners. Please look to join me as we continue this learning journey together.

-David Carpenter

Instructional Technologist
Twitter: davidcarp

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