Friday, May 17, 2013

Art Immersion in the Library

The library has a new look! 

Any visitor to Alexandria Country Day School is welcomed by beautiful art throughout the school. With the students often creating art around themes, it became clear to our art teacher, Ms. Tacktill, that we should try to put the artwork created around the alphabet together in a collection.

Much like the Barnes Foundation Museum in Philadelphia, Ms. Tacktill decided to exhibit the art to cover the walls at one end of the library.

It is quite stunning to see the new collection from the entrance to the library to then follow one's curiosity to get the full close up experience of being immersed in art as one is at the Barnes. Bravo Ms. Tacktill!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

With summer soon upon us, the students and staff of ACDS will continue their learning by participating in the annual summer reading and writing program. Several students will be sharing their reflections this year via personal blogs. Ms. Lockwood also is building community through a blog dedicated to sharing book recommendations. Whether you are a member of the ACDS community or an educator from around the world, do look to go through the Reading and Response Journals site to learn about this wonderful learning adventure that Ms. Lockwood coordinates each summer. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reflection and Transfer in Physical Education

Ms. Zaleski challenged her Middle School students to think about their learning in PE from this school year. She wanted them to reflect about sportsmanship, skills, healthy habits and game playing. The students were to think about why we play games and how we play games.

To share their learning, the students worked in teams to design, create  and communicate how to play a game. This transfer task drawing on their learning from the year included the following criteria for the game creation:

  • Purpose
  • Equipment
  • Space Needed
  • How to Play
  • Rules

The assessment took the form of a communication and a performance project. The communication was through a three minute demonstration video. The performance occurred when the designers taught the game and had the other students play the game.

Do look to view a student created video by Ellie and Caroline where they share their "A Journey to the Center of the Elements" game.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Student Videographers

The previous post features a well produced mini documentary by four Seventh Graders. Here are two more that our Seventh Grade students created for the recent "Go Green" school assembly.