Thursday, April 18, 2013

Student Designers

Our students are designers. They go through the research and writing process across disciplines designing and planning how to write papers, prepare presentations and create projects. They storyboard scenes for their videos using mind maps and they use apps to design what slides in their presentations will look like. This process enables students to reflect and rework their ideas before going to the publishing phase of the process.

The Fourth Graders are preparing to do a series of Keynote presentations. In preparation for the assignments, they are learning how to think as designers to do storyboards of what will go into their Keynotes. They are using the Popplet app to do their storyboards. The images in this post show a Fourth Grader using the Popplet app to draw images and add text to each Popplet square on her iPad. This design process guides the students to think about how they will make their thinking visible in terms of images that they will either draw or download from the Web to add to each slide in their Keynote.

The students are learning as part of the Information & Communication Literacies (ICL) curriculum that image rich presentations are the best way to represent their learning. Text is used sparingly to focus the attention of the audience around central ideas that the students expand upon when giving their presentations.

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