Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bonsai Boy?


The art and technology field trips continued this week with the Eighth Graders and their Kindergarten buddies traveling to the National Arboretum. Ms. Tacktill chose this open air museum to give our youngest students plenty of space to explore and to use the iPads to take photos. The learning goal was to help the students see nature as art. The main exhibit catching the attention of all the students was the Bonsai Collection

The beauty of the bonsai trees shaped by their human handlers was an inspiration for the older students to create digital bonsai trees with help from their buddies. The Eighth Graders used their iPads to take photos of the Kindergartners who contorted themselves into shapes similar to the bonsai trees. The Eighth Graders imported the photos into an art app. They then used their imaginations to create their own digital bonsai trees. 

Thanks to Allie for sharing her artwork. 

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