Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bobcat Globe Newspaper

The Bobcat Globe Staff

The Eighth Graders are reporting on the Festival of Learning publishing their articles in the Bobcat Globe 2013 online newspaper. Take a look at the most recent news as our reporters investigate student learning at each grade level. Here is their lead article giving an overview of their goals for publishing the newspaper. 


The Bobcat Globe is back, and this year, it’s heating things up! With new reporters and writers, The Bobcat Globe, ACDS’s first ever Festival of Learning online newspaper (established 2012) has dedicated the week to cover anything and everything associated with climate change and the events surrounding ACDS’s annual FOL.

ACDS’s Festival of Learning has always been about students and teachers exploring a single topic that celebrates our world, its cultures, diversity, and rich legacies, but this year it’s personal. Students have learned and heard about various ways that their “world” will be different in the future.

One of those ways is how we use paper. As the call for Americans to become “greener” continues, students will notice more paper-less assessments, projects, and assignments. 

In conjunction with ACDS’s 1:1 iPad Initiative, the ICL (Information and Communication Literacies) Team, and the great teaching and learning that takes place every day throughout our building, The Bobcat Globe is simply another opportunity to  provide students with the skills necessary to feel comfortable in a paper-less world, whether reading, writing, or sharing information.

Thank you for reading!!

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