Friday, March 22, 2013

8th Grade Documentary

Mr. Girard's Eighth Grade history students recently completed short documentaries on Civil War battles. Take a look Grace and Lauren's excellent work with the Battle of Gettysburg

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bobcat Globe Newspaper

The Bobcat Globe Staff

The Eighth Graders are reporting on the Festival of Learning publishing their articles in the Bobcat Globe 2013 online newspaper. Take a look at the most recent news as our reporters investigate student learning at each grade level. Here is their lead article giving an overview of their goals for publishing the newspaper. 


The Bobcat Globe is back, and this year, it’s heating things up! With new reporters and writers, The Bobcat Globe, ACDS’s first ever Festival of Learning online newspaper (established 2012) has dedicated the week to cover anything and everything associated with climate change and the events surrounding ACDS’s annual FOL.

ACDS’s Festival of Learning has always been about students and teachers exploring a single topic that celebrates our world, its cultures, diversity, and rich legacies, but this year it’s personal. Students have learned and heard about various ways that their “world” will be different in the future.

One of those ways is how we use paper. As the call for Americans to become “greener” continues, students will notice more paper-less assessments, projects, and assignments. 

In conjunction with ACDS’s 1:1 iPad Initiative, the ICL (Information and Communication Literacies) Team, and the great teaching and learning that takes place every day throughout our building, The Bobcat Globe is simply another opportunity to  provide students with the skills necessary to feel comfortable in a paper-less world, whether reading, writing, or sharing information.

Thank you for reading!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Festival of Learning Blog

Ms. Stein's Sixth Graders are busily working as reporters and bloggers during this week of our annual Festival of Learning. The students are venturing out into classrooms to see what the students are doing to learn about global warming. Taking photos and interviewing guest speakers, the Sixth Graders are using their writing skills to post reports to the ACDS Takes on Global Warming blog. Do look to keep up on all the learning by checking the blog this week. 

Middle School Science Research

Our Middle School science students drew from our Information & Communication Literacies (ICL) curriculum to learn about biomes to then communicate their understanding using multimedia tools. Use the links below to view their presentations.
Temperate Forest Ecosystem Newscast
The Great Barrier Reef Slideshow
Worm Composting Slideshow

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Third Graders on a WebQuest

The Third Graders are on a quest to learn about regions of the United States. They are participating in our RegionsQuest WebQuest working in teams playing the roles of economists, sociologists, historians and geographers. The process of determining what information fits into a category (e.g., economics for how people make a living) is an important foundation skill for our young learners. Being able to read non-fiction text for understanding is also an important component of the Language Arts and Social Studies curricula.

The WebQuest engages the students to use information and media literacies as they view images and video as part of our Information and Communication Literacies (ICL) curriculum. The students working with their partners gather information about their chosen states from books as well as Web sites. They are recording their findings in a digital mind map using the Inspiration software. In time, the teams will analyze their findings looking for patterns of how people in their region make a living, experience a distinct culture and have a common history all influenced by geography. 

An enduring understanding for this unit of study is to have the students see how their categories of study overlap and influence one another. Already students are making connections with comments such as "I am taking notes on how there are mountains in Colorado which goes into the geography notes. But it also goes under economy because people have jobs working at the ski resorts."

Looking at the "communication" component of ICL, the student teams will be collaborating to write a script and use photographs of their regions to record a video podcast to communicate the results of their research. Their boss, President Obama, is expecting well-designed and high quality videos. Take a look at the WebQuest to learn more about how role playing, collaboration and project creation help students reach deeper understanding in their learning. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Modern Artists

By chance, have you spoken with a Kindergarten student about art? You might just hear about a famous artist who they are emulating in their art class. You also might hear about the upcoming art and technology trip with their Eighth Grade buddies. In preparation for the trip, the Kindergarten students are using an app on the iPads to give their impressions of abstract art. They will be reacting to modern art on their upcoming trip. Here are a few examples of the artwork being created by our young artists.