Monday, February 11, 2013

Daily Life in Spanish Class: Screencasting

Ms. Basta continues to use technology to help her students really process and use their Spanish language skills. She shares the following lesson where the students used the Explain Everything screencasting app. 

Students in 7th grade have been working on verbs to explain their daily routine. Each morning they wake up, get out of bed, brush their teeth, etc. We spent a few class days working on how to conjugate the reflexive verbs and practicing the vocabulary associated with this theme. We watched a video of a boy from Spain completing his daily schedule and speaking over it in Spanish. From that, the students were given a project to take 8 of their daily activities and make a slide show in Explain Everything. They had to take the appropriate picture, write or type the words in Spanish over it, and then record themselves saying what they are doing as well.

-Jessica Basta

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