Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Using Symbols to Communicate in the First Grade

She Who Likes to Share

The First Graders are studying Native American history and culture. Mrs. Laha and Ms. Carew had their students write stories using symbols to help the students understand how many tribes used symbols to communicate. The students chose an aspect of their lives to communicate through their artwork. The image above is by a student using her artistic skills to show how she likes to share. 

This project is a terrific example of teaching a concept through social studies. The concept in this case is how we use symbols to represent ideas. The teachers help the students gain understanding of the concept by connecting it to their lives. This transfer task really helps the students gain a deeper understanding as they make connections between the study of history and their own lives. 

Here are two more examples of student work. 

He Who Loves Art

He Who Likes to Throw

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