Friday, December 7, 2012

Media in Social Studies

One of the goals of our Information and Communication Literacies (ICL) and Social Studies curricula is to present many forms of text and media resources to our students. Students learn the ICL curriculum in their library and technology classes to then apply the skills in their other classes. They use their ICL skills as well as historical analysis skills in Social Studies to evaluate, curate and then create their own information. 

Mr. Girard, in his social studies classes, provides digital versions of primary sources, audio recordings (podcasts), video and now eBooks in the form of Apple iBooks. The students are currently reading iBooks on the Middle Ages that Mr. Girard found through the iTunes University app. The students access iTunes U to download the iBooks to their iPads. They also are listening to podcasts and audio recordings of books. One audio book is The Story of the Middle Ages which can be found in the LibriVox website which provides free audio books from the public domain. 

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