Thursday, December 20, 2012

Interview Practice in Spanish

The 8th graders recently gained some real world experience using their Spanish skills in mock job interviews. They audio recorded for their interview so that their Spanish teacher could give them feedback. Ms. Basta describes the assignment below. 

In 8th grade Spanish, we’ve been working on the names of different professions. First, we learned the vocabulary words in relation to the places around town, or the places where each profession would work. For example, when learning médico, we did not say “it means doctor.” Instead, we said “Un médico trabaja en un hospital.” This helped students maintain their thoughts in Spanish instead of always switching into English. After mastering the vocabulary itself, students selected a profession for which they would formally apply. 

In groups they wrote simple cover letters telling potential employers where they saw the job announcement, why they were good for the open position, and how they could be contacted. As a final step, students were “called back” for an interview with a teacher who speaks Spanish (but is not their Spanish teacher). The questions for the interview range from “Why would you be good for this job?” to “What experience do you have?” This series of assignments helps students use the language in a real life setting. It also allows them to work on a number of skills in the target language, including writing, speaking, and listening.

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