Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hands On Learning in the Middle School

Student Created Terrarium 

Our Middle School scientists have their hands and minds engaged in several projects. The 7th Graders are learning about biomes and ecosystems both in and out of class. Ms. Stein organized a field trip this week to the National Botanical Gardens where the students were immersed in information provided by the museum staff. Getting into the holiday spirit, the students also created mini terrariums inside bulbs (see below). It turns out that our 7th Graders are already experienced in this skill as Ms. Stein had them build their own terrariums which they are using to record data as their plants grow. 

The students on the field trip used their iPads as recording devices to document their learning about plants and biomes. They took photos and recorded video of their learning that they then edited and presented in class. 

The 8th Graders under Mr. Ros' guidance learned about how we use maps and symbols to communicate important information about the world around us. The students created three dimensional maps with land features, topographical lines and symbols. Here are couple examples. 

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