Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Avenues for Creativity

ACDS students have many pathways to be creative. Just walk into the building and the first thing that strikes you is all of the incredible art being displayed. Head down to the first floor to listen to music flowing out of the music classroom. Look at student generated projects for English, Science, Spanish, etc. and one sees how ACDS students not only use their analysis and synthesis skills but also work to be creative in communicating their own ideas.

Technology supports student learning in several ways including in their creative endeavors. The Sixth Graders recently worked individually and in teams to produce videos for their technology exploratory class. Take a look at JJ's stopmotion video below. A great deal of storyboarding and painstaking picture taking went into her work.

Mrs. Tacktill is continuing the series of field trips to museums in the city. The Sixth and Third Graders recently toured the National Gallery to view landscape paintings. They took videos of one another analyzing the use of perspective, horizon lines, paint texture, balance, etc. The tours ended with students digitally painting on iPads in the courtyard. Here are a few examples of the Third Graders and their creativity in changing the landscape of our ACDS building and grounds. 

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