Friday, October 19, 2012

Story Creation in the Third Grade

Ms. Worrell and Ms. Holland recently worked with their students to write stories using paper and pencil. They then made a digital move to the iPads using an app called Toontastic. Toonastic provides helpful scaffolding embedding the five stage story arc into the app. The story arc is made up of the Setup, Conflict, Challenge, Climax and Resolution scenes.

Within each stage of the story, the students choose a provided background or draw their own. They then do the same with the characters. The next step is to animate the scenes by moving the characters around the scene. The students then go back to each scene to read from the stories they wrote recording the audio with the animation. Everything comes together as the students save their work and play back their newly created animated story.

The students worked in Toontastic during their regular class time and in their technology class. It was pretty interesting watching the students in technology class especially as they chose to draw their own scenes and characters. The incredible art program at ACDS definitely supports the creativity of our students.

The students worked independently at different stages in their stories at times reaching out to one another for help. "Can you help me with the animation? What do you think of my character? Oh yeah! Wow, my animation really works" could be heard throughout the class sessions.

The Third graders definitely engaged their imaginations using their art, spatial, speaking among other skills to create their Toonastic stories. Bravo to Ms. Worrell and Ms. Holland for bringing in this form of multimedia writing into the Lower School. 

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