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Project and Inquiry Learning in the 8th Grade

What does an inquiry driven learning project look like? How will the students use their research skills to gather information, role play and communicate their learning? Let's take a peek at Mr. Girard and Mr. Gilbert's 8th grade history class and their study of immigration in American history to find the answers.

With all of our Middle School students using Haiku, it is easy for students to access assignments, resources, discussion forums and other tools for learning. Here is a copy from Haiku of the recent 8th grade immigration project.


Immigration Scrapbook Project

Sep 19, 2012, 02:10 pm (13 days ago)
Sep 27, 08:00 am

At the turn of the century, new immigrants flooded the gates into America.  They experienced hardships and economic progress. Their story is the story of America’s growth and expansion. To deepen your understanding of the immigrant’s story, you will role-play an immigrant from one country and create a digital scrapbook of their life using Keynote and Pages.  You will select a country (maybe where your ancestors came from; you might even “become” one of your ancestors).

Use resources such as:
and other print/Internet resources to gain a better understanding of immigrants coming from that country

Goals and objectives of this project:
A) Research and “re-live” the immigrant experience through the eyes of somebody who lived it.
B) Become more familiar and proficient in the use of Keynote and Pages.
Use Keynote to create a scrapbook of your life. The scrapbook must include the following (it may include more items if you choose):

a.      A cover page (including a title to your scrapbook and an image that you select).
b.      Artifacts or memorabilia that represent your home nation (ex: flag, national anthem, photographs of historical figures or famous places).
c.       Photographs of your family or friends with caption. You are required to have at least one family photo and one photo of yourself in America.
d.      Artifacts, memorabilia, and information about: your first sight of America, your new home, job, expectations of America and social experiences (ex: pay stub, job description, any school experience, report card, immunization form)
e.      Two “original documents”: Use Pages.  Options could include Ellis Island Registration Card, Medical Evaluation Sheet, Ship Log or Manifest from your journey over, Passport  the options are almost limitless.
f.        Four journal entries including at least one from your trip to America and one of your experiences at Ellis Island (each should be on a separate slide and include a date).
g.      1.5 – 2 page autobiography or biography of your immigrant.  This could take the shape of an obituary, a written life history by a “family member”, or many other creative possibilities.
h.     Each photograph or item must have a caption to illustrate its importance
i.        Creative design features that create interest for others viewing your scrapbook.
j.        The final page of your scrapbook (slide show), will be a bibliography.  The bibliography needs to be completed in the MLA format

Though this project is digital, the documents, artifacts, photographs, and other materials that are used should be historically accurate. You will be graded on completion of requirements, historical content, historical accuracy, and creativity.

The Rubric for the Project

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