Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making Connections in History Class

Mrs. Herre's wanted her 7th Grade students to learn about sequential and parallel timelines as they began their studies in history class. As Mrs. Herre developed the assignment, she knew that a powerful way to make connections in her students' brains would be to engage the them socially and emotionally. This leads to deeper learning and more understanding. 

The assignment was to interview a grandparent or other relative who has lived through a good portion of the last century. Using their communication skills, the students were to interview and record some of the major personal events of the relative while also learning about the broader historical events of those times. The students had three tools from which to process the interview information and to create timelines of their relative's life along with the parallel historical events. They could either do a poster board as you see above, a Mindmeister online mindmap or a video using images with a voice over. In all three cases the students could use their media literacy and design skills. 

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