Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interactive Reading on the iPad

How did you spend your summer? Reading an interesting book, perhaps? Maybe one on your iPad? Ms. Parker, a Second Grade teacher, spent her summer advising the very creative people at ReadImagine in their effort to create interactive books for the iPad. Ms. Parker introduced the ReadImagine iPad books to her students last year and will be working with ReadImagine this year to help them better support teachers and students in reading their books. 

The folks at ReadImagine describe their books in the following manner: 

"Our stories have beautiful animation, tablet touch interactivity, and text that adapts to a child’s specific reading level. Text adaptation helps to increase reading stamina, as the reading level remains just high enough to keep children engaged, but not so high that they put the book down. At the end of each story, we ask children what they think will happen next – and then allow them to work collaboratively with their peers to decide upon a direction."

We are excited at ACDS to see how our Lower School students react and learn from reading the ReadImagine books. It is pretty neat to have one of our teachers so involved with a cutting edge company that is working to support reading. 

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