Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creativity through Video

The 6th Graders just completed their six week exploratory with some students taking technology and others drama class. The students in the technology class spent the 6 weeks going through the video production process. Their project assignment was to produce a 3 to 5 minute video to be shared with the class at the end of the six weeks.

The students first brainstormed ideas using a mind mapping tool. They then pitched them to the class receiving feedback to make a final decision. The next was to use a storyboard mind mapping template to plan out each of their scenes. They worked to list the following in their mind maps:

  • the talent needed for each scene
  • the setting  and actions for each scene
  • costumes and props
  • the script for each setting

One student, Camille, decided to try her hand at animation using stop motion software. She was especially creative working painstakingly to build out several scenes of action in a very delightful and fun video. Take a look for yourself at Camille's work.

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