Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Audio Books in the 2nd Grade

The Second graders read and listen to books on the computer as one of the learning centers in their classroom. They can listen to books on tape or on the computer from websites such as Children's Stories Online. As the students listen, they are prompted to think about character and setting in their book. The students use Venn diagrams and mind maps to make their thinking visible. They also engage their creativity and imaginations as they rewrite the books in their minds.

Here are the guiding questions the students work to answer as they read their books.


  • Draw the character from the story. 
  • Make a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting you and a character from the story. 
  • What problems did the character have and how did they get solved? 
  • Make a web about the character.


  • Draw the setting. 
  • Describe the setting with your senses. What could you hear? See? Smell? Touch? Taste?
  • Create a new setting for the story. How might the story change because of the new setting? 

Be Creative

  • Create a new ending to the story. 
  • Write a new chapter to the story. 
  • Give the characters a new adventure that includes you in the story. 

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