Thursday, October 25, 2012

Art and Technology Field Trip

Ms. Tacktill is organizing a series of art field trips to various museums that brings together our student buddies to view, discuss and create art. The first field trip took place this week with the 7th Graders and their 4th grade buddies traveling to the National Portrait Gallery. The 7th Graders prepared for the trip by downloading photographs of assigned presidential portraits that they would analyze and discuss with their buddies at the museum.

Ms. Tacktill challenged the students by providing only portions of the paintings (e.g., a nose, hand, etc.) pushing the students to not only problem solve to find their portrait but to then use their iPads to do some digital painting. Each student embedded his/her assigned photograph into an art app from which they would use their imaginations to create a new painting. Here are some examples of the art our very creative students painted. And for more specific details about the learning activities of the field trip, take a look at the Lessons Learned blog.



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