Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Olympics, Research, Writing, Team Building, Problem Solving and Movement in PE Classes

Ms. Zaleski is starting the year in many of her PE classes with a cooperative games unit building on student interest from the Summer Olympic Games. Students working in teams use problem solving skills and movement to overcome obstacles as the teams work through series of tasks. The students also are doing research on several countries to learn about their involvement in the Olympics and their respective cultures. Ms. Zaleski has the students researching and writing which supports our writing across the curriculum goal.

Olympic Nations... Greetings... Flags

Here are a few of the activities helping our students use their problem solving, spatial, kinesthetic, and collaboration skills. 
  • Blind Square: The group moves into a large circle around a loop of rope. Everyone is blindfolded. The students pick up the rope. The group is told to form a perfect square with the rope. When they think they have succeeded they can remove their blindfolds. Rules: Each participant must hold onto the rope with at least one hand at all times and blindfolds are to remain in place until they feel they complete the figure. 
  • The Big Knot: Students come together in a group to grasp hands. They must then form a circle while keeping holding their hands while not speaking.
  • Toxic Waste Transfer: This activity requires the group to transport objects across an open space without directly touching the objects or their container. The group manipulates a bucket filled with small objects using ropes attached to the bucket.

Olympic Nations... Greetings... Flags

The students are doing their research on several countries with visual information posted around the gym in the form of flags and greetings.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mr. Ros and the Edtech Co-Op Podcast

Mr. Ros joined Dr. Hofer of William and Mary for a second podcast to speak about how his students use a digital note taking tool. Mr. Ros also spoke about his virtual attendance at a conference over the summer. He learned about how "flipping" his classroom can support the blended education efforts at ACDS. 

Summer Reading and Response Journals

Mrs. Lockwood and our Language Arts teachers organized an afternoon of sharing and reflection time for all our summer readers this past Friday. Everyone met in the gym to calculate just how many books, articles, blog posts, etc. were read over the summer. The students then met with their buddies to individually share their journal entries. This follow up to the summer reading program supported the value of sharing one's learning thus further supporting our learning community. 

Teachers also spent their summer listening to podcasts, reading newspaper articles and reflecting through their journal entries. Mr. Carpenter created an online journal as he wishes he had the penmanship and artistic ability of our students!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mr. Ros Shares His Innovative Teaching Strategies

Mr. Ros was on Dr. Mark Hofer's Edtech Co-Op podcast this past week. Dr. Hofer is a professor at the College of William and Mary where he works with preservice teachers preparing them to be innovative and creative like our Mr. Ros.

Listen to what Mr. Ros has to share about his experience piloting tablets in his classroom while also writing an online textbook for his students.

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