Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Staff Get Started at ACDS

Having new teachers photocopy a hand and send it to their email account? What sort of learning experience is this? This is just one of the scavenger hunt “to do’s” that our new teachers did this past Friday at Alexandria Country Day School.

Ms. Lockwood and Ms. Hendrickson came up with the idea of a scavenger hunt to orient new staff to ACDS. As our iPad Pilot is now rolling from the Fifth Grade to the remainder of our Middle School, Ms. Lockwood and Ms. Hendrickson fashioned a way to have the new teachers use their iPads in the scavenger hunt using problem solving skills while working collaboratively to produce a product much like they will be doing with their students.

One driver in these tours is to help new staff learn of the people they need to seek out to meet specific needs (e.g., business office, tech support, etc.) and where to go to take care of everyday tasks like using the copier, getting ice for scraped knees, etc. Ms. Lockwood and Ms. Hendrickson met the new staff and divided them into two groups with iPads in hand. They then emailed them the scavenger hunt list with an expectation for the final product which would be a video slideshow. Using apps on the iPads to create drawings, take photos and compile them into a video would give the teachers some experience in how the iPads can be used in their classes.

Here are a few of the assigned tasks:
  • In the newest part of the school, find the ice machine. Take a picture of one of your team members holding the ice scoop. Save the picture.
  • Go to where you need to get business done. Speak to the "powers" (as in Mr. Powers) that be. Record a video of his answer to your question about how to get reimbursed for a purchase you made for the school. Save the video.
  • If you need more than one, this is where you can multiply your work. Scan one of your team member’s right hands in the machine and send it to your school email account and save the picture.
  • Go to the classroom of your youngest team member. Using the Art Studio app, draw an exit map from that classroom that you could use during a fire alarm. Save the picture.