Thursday, June 7, 2012

Second Grade Puppet Show

Students and teachers are not the only ones creating videos at ACDS. Parents also are engaged in our multimedia learning community. Catch Anita Donaldson's video of the Second Grade Puppet Show. Thank you Anita. 

Digital Storytelling

Several 5th and 6th graders went through the process of creating short documentaries for their technology class. They brainstormed ideas, pitched them to the class, storyboarded their videos, formed their production teams, shot and edited their videos. 

Take a look at one example by Sam who created a documentary about his very interesting cousin. Nice job Sam! 

Summer Reading Program

One of the fun things about summer is having time to read. And in today's information rich world we also can connect to digital media in the form of TED Talks, educational videos, podcasts, ebooks, etc. Reading and consuming media helps us come to new ideas so naturally it makes sense to write to further expand and develop our thinking. 

With these ideas in mind, Mrs. Lockwood and Mr. Gilbert worked to create an exciting summer reading and journaling program for students and teachers. The program is fully explained in the ACDS Reading and Response Journals website that Mrs. Lockwood put together. Take a look and think about joining your children in this exciting learning journey.