Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tessellation: Math and Art

Ms. Krishnan's students combined their mathematical and artistic skills to produce tessellations. Here are two examples. The first is by Margaret and the second by Abby.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kindergarten Artists

What is your interpretation of the work of artist Jackson Pollock? Perhaps you took an art class in university. If you are a little foggy on the topic of Mr. Pollock, think about touching base with one of our Kindergarten students. 

Mrs. Lockwood and Mrs. Hendrickson's art curriculum for the Kindergarten students includes the study of famous artists. The students not only learn about the artists and their styles, they also are provided the art materials to create their own interpretations. Enjoy the photos here of some of their work. 

To see more, do mark your calendar for Thursday May 24th at 7:00 PM to attend the annual ACDS Celebration of the Arts

The Kindergarten students added a splash of color to one of the book carts in the library.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pure Silliness!

Creativity comes in many forms. See what a few 5th graders produced with their imaginations and an iPad. 

8th Grade Trip to Puerto Rico

Chris Ros, our Assistant Head of the Middle School, blogged during the 8th graders recent trip to Puerto Rico. Here are some excerpts.

-The bubble within which I live may not be as small as they come, but there is still a bubble, and while it is not necessary to burst it, I do feel it necessary in today’s global climate to unzip the bubble at least some of the time and explore what else is out there. This trip is doing exactly that for all of us, helping to point out the importance of other languages, cultures, and ways of doing things. The fun and excitement of all that we are doing is eye-opening for many of the kids and I am having a blast watching them navigate through this new space. I have seen many of them grow up nearly every day since the second grade, and while I always feel I/we could do more, I am proud of these kids both with how they are handling themselves on this trip and in general.

-We then had some time to do some shopping in the square before setting off for the K-6 school in Guanica. The kids absolutely loved their time with the kids. They got to eat lunch with them and then have recess where a very competitive game of basketball broke out. A modified volleyball game was also being played. Then the kids were broken into groups and accompanied some of the students to their classes. So, if you combine our entire group, they actually did attend nearly one full day of class. Some went to a History class where they learned about the 78 cities of Puerto Rico, and others went to a Spanish class to help (or be helped). About 6 other of our students went to an English class where they worked with individual students on their lessons for the day and a final group went to an Art class where the activity for the day was dancing. Here the Spanish students demonstrated the dance for our kids and then they taught them, so by the end of the class, everyone was dancing.

-The day was not over as we then headed to the bioluminescent bay. When you first get in to the bay you wonder, “what is all the talk about this bioluminescence thing? I don’t see anything!” Well, once it was dark enough and the kids started swimming in the bay and agitating the water (which is what you have to do to see the bioluminescence), the magic began and magical it was. Brilliant tiny “lights” sparkled down their arms and streaks of light trailed every movement you made. You truly felt like you were in some fantasy land or a magical mermaid cove. It is dark and deep and taking the plunge can be a little unnerving, but everyone did it and were thankful that they did.

-Well, we have come to the day we all knew would arrive too soon. It is funny, though…it feels as if we have been here for a couple of weeks and at the same time like we just arrived yesterday. We have done so much in so little time and I am really pleased with how everything has gone. All of the kids stepped out of their comfort zones, tried new things, and made new friends. Now the real challenge begins – processing our experiences and making them a positive part of our lives for the long-term. I struggle with this all the time as it is very easy to slip back into our comfortable ways, but each of us has a responsibility to take at least some of the aspects of our experiences and have them help to shape our world and the world of those around us for the better.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Third Grade Artists Create a Mural

The Third Graders worked diligently in recent weeks with Mrs. Tacktill to create a ceramic wall mural depicting various animals. You can find it on the first floor above the doorway before you go up the stairs. The photograph above doesn't come close to sharing how rich the texture and colors are so stop by the first floor when you can. 

Bravo Third Graders!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum

An important component of our Information and Communication Literacies curriculum deals with teaching digital literacy and citizenship. A portion of the curriculum comes from the Common Sense Media website that provides guidelines and insights for families and educators.

Within the digital literacy and citizenship curriculum some of the topics we cover:

  • The difference between private vs public information 
  • Cyber safety 
  • Good Netiquette and Citizenship
  • Digital Footprints

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