Monday, March 12, 2012

Using Spanish to Tell A Story

Students in 8th grade Spanish spent two weeks researching a site in the Mayan kingdom, putting their research into Spanish, and then making an iMovie out of it. They chose from sites such as Copán in Honduras, Tikal in Guatemala, and Cobá and Chichén Itzá in Mexico. The students researched aspects of Mayan culture and how Mayan ideas are used today, the meaning of each site name in Mayan, English, and Spanish, information about the power of the site itself, as well as other things. They placed pictures and music together to capture the attention of viewers and to teach us a little bit more about each archeological site.

Students in 7th grade spent a day in class writing scripts to describe and act out their daily schedule. They took them home and over the weekend memorized their lines and prepared their props. The next day in class, each group acted out their skits and made a short iMovie to show the rest of the class. This particular group whose video is listed below decided not just to act out their own daily schedule, but to pretend to be a family going through their daily routine.

Here are some examples of the student work.

Tikal Historic Site by Miguel, Seeley and Justin
Copan Historic Site by Chabelli, Kelly, Katherine and Robert
Spanish Skit by Maddie, Sarah and Lauren

-post by Jessica Basta

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