Friday, March 2, 2012

Second Graders on a WebQuest

Mrs. Sutton's Colonial Times Researchers

Mrs. Sutton and Ms. Parker's classes spent the past several weeks learning about colonial times focusing on the lives of children, food and clothing.

They used a WebQuest specifically constructed for them to guide the learning process. WebQuests have the students playing roles such as historian, anthropologist and economist. Within these roles the students gather information applicable to their discipline of study. This helps students learn about categorizing information as well as learning how to look for specific types of information while filtering out the rest. This is an important skill in our ACDS Information and Communication Literacies (ICL) curriculum. 

You can view the ColonialQuest WebQuest to learn more about the steps the students followed to produce their final project. The project is an online slideshow in which the students were presented with the fictional task of designing new exhibits for the National Museum of American History. A powerful aspect of the learning was taking the students from the concrete understanding of their research to being able to visualize what a museum exhibit might look that would depict their research. This process of making their thinking visible while transferring their understanding to a new situation is the type of learning our ICL curriculum supports. 

Here is Mrs. Suttons's class video explaining the design of the exhibits to the director of the National Museum of American History so that he can have them built and presented for visitors to his museum. Ms. Parker's class video will be posted next week. 

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