Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Name... Same Goal

We are changing the name of this blog because from the start it has covered much more than just the iPad pilot program. The iPads are opening doors to the use of apps, access to the Internet and creative project building using multimedia. But in the end, it is the adaptive and innovative instructional and assessment practices of our teachers that really drives the learning at ACDS.

The computing devices (computers, iPads, laptops & tablets) help our teachers to differentiate and adapt the learning activities to support the reinforcement of skills (e.g., math and reading software/websites) and knowledge acquisition (e.g., online research, WebQuests). The use of various literacies (e.g., information, visual, media, design, technology) supported by the hardware helps our students to think in divergent and expansive ways working to making connections in their learning as they work to grasp the enduring understandings of our curriculum.

In other words, it isn't about the technology, it is about the learning.

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