Friday, March 23, 2012

Festival of Learning: Bobcat Globe Newspaper

Each year the ACDS community comes together for a week long festival of learning focused on a specific topic. This year's topic is endangered species. The students and teachers spend the week researching and attending presentations by guest speakers. The festival of learning culminates with a community dinner and the sharing of learning projects.    

The grade levels team up to do their research. This year the teams chose a specific endangered animal to learn more about. The Eighth Graders teamed with the Kindergarten and First Graders. The Seventh Graders worked with the Fourth Graders. And the Fifth Graders connected with the Second Grade students. 

The Eighth Grade students also worked on additional learning tasks making for even more project-based learning opportunities. One team video recorded the events of the week to be shared today in an all school assembly. Another team created artwork of plants and animals of Central America as that was a sub-theme of the week. A third team grabbed their notepads, pens and cameras to do interviews and report the events of the week through an online newspaper. 

The Bobcat Globe newspaper has gone to the digital presses and is now published for the ACDS community to learn more about the Festival of Learning. 

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