Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Video Lab Report

Our Second Graders recently completed a science unit on bacteria, viruses, fungi and healthy habits. Besides the regular class curriculum, they participated in a WebQuest doing research in their technology class. Another project was a lab focusing on the growth of bacteria. Instead of doing a regular paper and pencil lab report, the students worked with Mrs. Sutton to produce a video lab report.

Take a look at the video lab report to learn more about how our young scientists use discovery learning in their class.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Adaptive and Innovative Practices

7th Graders Analyzing Their Speeches

Our teachers and students continue to create new ways to teach and learn...

eTextbooks have been in the news with Apple's recent iBooks announcement. Chris Ros has been using his own science etextbook this year. Michelle Cook's 5th graders are benefiting from her online book on poetry and second one one writing. These efforts support the blended learning approach that continues the learning beyond the classroom walls.

Elliott Turley and Todd Gilbert along with 5th grader Camille came up with adaptive ways to use the iPads. Camille found herself in a rush while gathering information from a website. She took a screenshot of the site saving the information so that she could resume her research without needing to access the website. Todd works with his students to make notes and diagrams on his class whiteboard. Using the camera in his iPad, Todd takes photos of the notes and then digitally shares them with his students. Elliott wanted his students to practice their upcoming speeches while being able to analyze and reflect upon their effort. Elliott's students working with partners video recorded each other giving their speeches. Each student then watched him/herself while using a checklist to measure their performance.

Elliott also helped his students prepare for the student-led conferences. Connecting to the ACDS Portrait of Graduate, Elliott created a checklist and listing of questions to help students reflect about their growth and development as independent learners, communicators, being community minded while seeking balance in their lives.

Several of the 6th graders created online multimedia presentations to support their Speeches and Sweets Persuasive essay research. Here are some examples of our students reaching a wider audience.

Mary Newbould also is empowering her students to use their creativity in sharing their understanding in Spanish class. Here are two examples of VoiceThread audio/visual presentations.