Friday, January 20, 2012

Mock Caldecott Learning Project

Our 5th graders working in teams just completed a super learning project designed by our librarian, Mrs. Lockwood. The assignment was to produce a video using still images and/or video with narration that communicated the reasons why each team's chosen book should be the winner of the Caldecott Medal. The students then came together to view all of the videos and to vote which book should win their mock Caldecott competition.

This project-based unit of study involved many of the 21st Century Skills noted in previous posts as well as skills from our ACDS Information and Communication Literacies curriculum.
  • Literacies: design, technology tools, writing
  • Authentic Assessment: real world, meaningful task shared with larger audience
  • Cross Discipline Learning: Reading, Library, Art and Technology 
  • Communication Skills: script writing, audio recording and image choice making

The students used their art skills during library time to draw seals for their interpretation of what the ACDS Mock Caldecott Medal might look like. They worked together in technology class to learn how to use iMovie for creating their videos. Collaboration also took place as the student teams wrote their scripts, decided which images to use from their book and then decided who would record the narration for each section of the video.

The learning continues with the project as Mrs. Lockwood posted to the Library Haiku page an assignment that prompts the students to reflect about all aspects of the project. This use of the Haiku Learning Management System (LMS) supports our blended learning efforts giving students access to content and collaborative learning activities outside of the classroom.

So which book won the ACDS Caldecott competition? The envelope please.

The ACDS Caledecott award goes to...

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

The two honor books are:

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith
Where's Walrus by Stephen Savage

To add to the authenticity of this project, the author Stephen Savage posted a comment at our online video site. Here is a listing of all the books and teams in the competition along with their videos and seals.

  • Queen of the Falls by Connor, Christiana, Elliott and Rachel
  • I Want My Hat Back by Shannon, Kieran, Thompson and Kathryn
  • Grandpa Green by Camille, Mary Margaret, Jack and Kyle
  • Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat by Gretchen, Kayvon, Nora, Charles and Naomi  
  • Where’s Walrus? by Harper, Hayden and Hal
  • Say Hello to Zorro by Sophie, Andy, Kendall, Bella and Ellie
  • The Secret River by Mac, Mike, Trinity and JJ 
  • Caldecott Seals

  • ACDS Caldecott Seal by Rachel

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