Monday, January 30, 2012

Fourth Graders: Creative Story Writers

The ACDS writing task force provides several guidelines to support our students and their writing. Going through the editing process to then publish one's work is central to becoming a better writer. To publish to a wider audience further engages our students to think about their audience and motivates them to do their best work. 

The Fourth Graders are working to complete a project in their technology class using the website called Storybird to write stories that can be viewed online. Usually one writes a story and then works to draw the illustrations. With Storybird, the students go through a library of images grouped together by individual illustrators. Once the batch of images is chosen, the student then must react and use creative thinking to come up with a story idea. The next step is to pull specific images into the timeline and to begin the process of writing one's story in reaction to the illustrations. 

The Fourth Graders totally engaged in this process working to share ideas and give each other feedback. Students specifically had to have a peer editor review their stories before having Mr. Carpenter review and give the go ahead to publish. Several students continued the writing from home working to create several stories to also be published. 

Here are a couple of examples of student work. Several other students are at the publishing stage so many more students will soon have their work published. 

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