Thursday, January 26, 2012

App Reviews by Students

Which apps are really helpful for learning? Our iPad using 5th graders are in the know. One main way of assessing the iPad Pilot program is to continually check in with the students so let's hear from them as they provide reviews for some of their favorite apps. As part of our 21st Century Skill effort, we work to put students in authentic roles where they use real life skills. In this case, they use analysis and evaluation skills. 

Geobee is a great game because it gives you knowledge of the world in a fun, non-boring way. I also like it because the questions have some variety in them. It is mixed up to confuse the player. 

Stack the States: Purpose > Stack the states is a fun, educational app that does not cost much. There is a HD one that costs 99 cents and another one that is free. You learned what from using it? > You can learn which state is in our continent. You can learn what is in each state. Improvements Needed > I do not think anything needs to be improved.

Writers Station: Purpose > The purpose is drawing. You draw with your finger or stylus and you can also put different smiley faces and things and type in boxes. Its kind of like making a book. You learned what from using it? > I learned to draw better on the iPad with my finger and stylus. Improvements Needed > I think they should put more smiley faces and pictures on it. :) :( :p ;) +l

Amazing HD: I think that  Amazing HD is amazing. You can get amazing pictures for backgrounds in HD. It is fun to look at the cool pictures from excellent photographers. Improvements Needed >You can't edit your pictures on Amazing HD.

Word Abacus: Purpose >To help with spelling and to learn new words. You learned what from using it? >I learned new words and how to spell them. Improvements Needed >I think we should have the definitions of the words on the side.

PhotoPad: Purpose >The purpose is to edit photos. You learned what from using it? > Photopad taught me how to edit photos and change backgrounds. It also can make the picture turn black and white, green, red, and blue!

APOD: Purpose> To show space pictures of the month. You learned what from using it?> I learned what celestial bodies look like. I read the captions of the pictures and they told me what the pictures were. Improvements Needed> It needs better graphics and more explanation of what the pictures are.

iHurricane: This app can show you where hurricanes are and where they will go. It will also show you where tropical storms are. It will show how high the winds are and how much rain it is estimated to bring.

Sparklefish is a cool app that allows you to make your own verbal mad-lib. It gives you a term and you say that into your iPad. When you are done, it plays back what you said in the context of  a story. It also lets you choose what topic you would want to do your story on.

Screen Chomp is an app where you can draw a math problem then you can make a recording when you talk through the iPad. When you are finished, you see and listen to what you drew and recorded. This app is normally used for math problems so it is an app that I think we should keep. 

Weather HD: Purpose > To be able to get the weather from almost anywhere in the world. You learned what from using it? > The weather in all my favorite places. Improvements Needed >Not many except if it could snow more!

Spanish App: Purpose >The purpose of this app is to teach you Spanish. You learned what from using it? > I learned a bit more about the colors, the days of the week, numbers, months, and seasons. Improvements Needed >There aren't a lot of improvements needed for this app, but I think that there should be more than six mini games. 


Student Reviewers: Andy, Sophie, Nora, Kathryn, Ellie, Hayden, Elliott, Harper, Thompson and Jack

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