Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blended Learning at ACDS

Student learning obviously does not stop when the students leave school in the afternoon. Students read textbooks, do math problems, create presentations, play their musical instrument, etc. all in preparation for their classes the following day. We use the term "blended" or hybrid learning when technology gives students outside of school further access to learning materials while also being connected to one another and their teacher so that they can use class time for discussions and other learning activities as opposed to teacher delivery of content.

Previous posts reported how blended learning takes place at ACDS. Mr. Ros authors an online textbook as well as using Evernote for sharing documents. Haiku is the class learning management tool. Ms. Cook and Ms. Weaver use Haiku extensively delivering content while also collaborating via the forum feature to have discussions outside of class. The 5th graders through their class blog review content and then collaborate by using the comment tool. Take a look at the comments by the 5th graders as they offered feedback on a social studies app called City of Wonder. This online sharing really expands the learning communities of our classrooms giving students time to reflect and share their ideas at their own pace.

One aspect of blended learning that is taking place in the lower school is through subscription math and reading online tools to support self-paced learning while offering reinforcement and enrichment activities. Students interact with Raz-Kids at school and at home working on individualized reading programs. They also are gaming (and learning) through the EveryDay Math online games which records their individual progress. The 1st graders are about to pilot the XtraMath program which reinforces their learning of math facts. The lower schools students also have access to our Web Resources site which is filled with educational learning links that they also use at school and at home.

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