Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mathcasts and Learning

The 5th graders used the ScreenChomp app yesterday to record videos to visually demonstrate how they problem solve while including their audio step by step problem solving. The students prepared for the learning activity by thinking about how they mentally and physically go about problem solving in math. They then wrote out the steps on paper. With the ScreenChomp app open on their iPads, the students recorded the problems on their screens while reading from their scripts. See example video below.

Ms. Weaver shared that the activity helped the students use metacognition to go deeper in their thinking. The physical movement on the screen while explaining the activity also engaged the students' kinesthetic and spatial learning styles.

The activity provided formative assessment giving Ms. Weaver insight on how well the students understand the concepts behind the problem solving as well as the skills need to do similar math problems in the future. Ms. Weaver also noted that the physical and verbal nature of recording the problem solving steps and the opportunity to see and listen to one's thinking should provide a valuable study tool throughout the year.

Image and Videos provided by Ms. Weaver

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