Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome to the iPad Pilot Blog

Welcome to the ACDS iPad Pilot blog. The purpose of this blog is to communicate how we use the iPads and other technologies to support and enhance teaching and learning at Alexandria Country Day School. This and future posts will provide information about our timeline for the iPad rollout, examples of classroom learning activities and answers to frequently asked questions. Our Technology Integration Specialist (TIS), David Carpenter, will manage the blog. There will also be posts by our 5th grade and specials teachers as they offer examples of how the iPad, various apps, and other web-based technologies are being used in their respective classes. Please email David (dcarpenter@acdsnet.org) with any questions.

In the next few weeks we will be working with students on the procedures and protocols for using the instructional software (apps) and educational websites as well as the iPads themselves. Fifth grade teachers will be using their iPads for instruction during many parts of the day. Students will use the iPads during their first science unit on the Solar System. This will give us an excellent opportunity to work closely with the students in a measured fashion to assure their comfort and success with the iPad and other technologies.

Here are some events and "to do's" that we have on our agenda as we begin the process of piloting the iPads:
·         Work with the students to review our school Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to develop a section for their use of the iPads.
·         Teach the students how to create "smart" passwords for the Web 2.0 tools that we will be using. Parents will have access to the tools and passwords so they can easily access their child's work.
·         Set a date and time for the iPad parent orientation meeting.
·         Start sharing examples of instruction and student work supported by the iPad pilot program via this blog.
·         Set dates for meetings with students, teachers, parents, and administrators to gather feedback on the iPad pilot program.

Bookmark this blog site or subscribe to it in your RSS reader. New posts will be added to include FAQ responses, as well as information on how we are using the iPads in the 5th grade. We are looking forward to using this space as a place to celebrate the teaching and learning that is taking place in our ACDS community. And don't forget to email David Carpenter (dcarpenter@acdsnet.org) with any questions or ideas that can add to this discussion.

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