Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How Will the iPads and other Technologies Affect Teaching and Learning at ACDS?

Laptops and tablets become powerful learning tools when the teacher designs lessons that have the students gathering and analyzing information working to make meaning to then create products that demonstrate that understanding. These experiences where students make cross disciplinary connections using a variety of media sources while using critical thinking skills naturally motivates students to be independent and active learners. This approach to instruction involves what we call project and inquiry-based learning that engages the students in higher order thinking skills (HOTS). It is standard practice for our teachers at ACDS to design instruction and assessments that stretch out students to use higher order thinking skills. The hardware, software and collaborative Web 2.0 tools we already are using will be enhanced through the individualized 1:1 nature of the iPad pilot program. It should be noted that while we use the term "1 to 1", we also should say "1 to Many" as students use their iPads to collaborate and create together. 

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